Migaloo - Australia's white humpback whale
Sightings Log of MIGALOO the White Whale.
Migaloo Tail. Copyright Dan Burns - Southern Cross University Whale Research Centre
The following table has been constructed using the official sightings of Migaloo the white whale. Please e-mail relevant details of your sighting to and have your sighting listed. The sightings log is aimed at providing a long-term record of Migaloo's movements for conservation & research purposes. Special restrictions are in place that dictate any interaction with this unique, amazing animal called Migaloo.

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Please take the time to read and understand the current rules and regulations about whale watching in Australia - for more information see. The Australian Department of the Environment and Water Resources

Southern Cross University Whale Research Centre
28/06/91 Cape Byron Lighthouse, NSW For the first time an all-white humpback whale was photographed passing Byron Bay, Australia's most easterly point. Check out (Southern Cross University Whale Research Centre Website.)
Sara Smith
22/06/04 Tweed Heads NSW Sighted from Dive boat swiming with a smaller humpback (female) heading Nth. Sara Smith Marine Biologist Spirit of the Bay whale watch company
Carol Hunt
13/06/05 Port Macquarie NSW Sighted from Aquatic Blue Charters heading Nth. Carol & Tony Hunt now operate Whale watching from Tweed Heads. (Check out Aquatic Blue Charters Website.).
Chris Bramley
25/06/06 Solitary Islands off Coffs Harbour NSW Mid Nth Coast He was swimming with a Pod of four Whales around the same size and traveling fast Chris manages Coffs Harbour Sea Experience Charters
Brendon Cleaver
15/07/06 Cairns QLD Brendon is a Helicopter Pilot based in Cairns and spotted Migaloo alone just of Green Island interacting with people then joined two other Humbacks and disappeared for a day and re-appeared at Green Island on the 17th then sighted on the 19th between Bat reef & Low Islets. He was then sighted on the 21st between Sudbury & Moore reefs Breaching vigorously and continued this for several hours. Brendon Cleaver Helicopter Pilot for Great Barrier Reef Helicopters based in Cairns.(See Link in Pod Partners)
Barry Bonnar
25/06/07 Point Lookout Nth Stradbroke Island Sth Queensland Sighted breaching in the distance several times. Gary Bonnar a local resident of Brisbane
Raylene Broome
29/06/07 Sighted of Heron Island of the Central Queensland Coast Sighted breaching and enjoying life in the Queensland sunshine Raylene Broome crew member S/Y Matilda
Quicksilver Cruises
24/07/07 Undine Cay, Port Douglas Far Nth Queensland Migaloo was sighted swimming north of Undine Cay near Port Douglas by the lucky crew & pasengers onboard Quicksilver Cruises. Quicksilver Cruises operate out of Cairns & Port Douglas.(Check out Quicksilver Cruises Website.)
Marc McCormack
25/07/07 Sighted of Pickersgill Reef 90 nautical miles north of Cairns Sighted swimming with three other Humback Whales. Marc McCormack a Photographer with the Cairns Post.
John Hendry
28/08/07 Sighted of Palm Island east of Townsville North Queensland Breaching many times heading in a southerly direction John Hendry owner of a charter fishing boat.
Capt Rob
30/09/07 Sighted at Byron Bay Northern New South Wales Sighted at 8.30am by Capt Rob and several lucky Passengers from Whale Watching Byron Bay who were enjoying a "Sensational" day out whale watching in Byron Bay. Migaloo was traveling south very fast with one other humpback whale. The lucky passengers took some great photos and Dan Burns from Southern Cross University Whale Research Centre confirmed it was definitely Migaloo after viewing the video footage and photos. Capt Rob from Whale Watching Byron Bay.(Check out Byron Bay Whale Watching Website.)
Andy Palmer
05/07/08 NSW Central Coast Unconfirmed sighting from headland. He was visible on the surface of Terrigal Haven for about 10-15 minutes heading Nth. Andy Palmer has just sent in these details and Migaloo Research thanks him for his time and effort.
Dave Stewart
05/09/08 Orpheus Island Dave Stewart and his crew – cook Sarah Nix, trainee skipper Peter Lawn and trainee deckhand Ashley Daveson spotted Migaloo the white whale near Orpheus Island , North Queensland on friday afternoon he was frolicking in the blue tropical waters with two other adult humpback whales. Dave Stewart is the owner and skipper of Kalinda based in Townsville QLD
Ainslie Downes
27/06/2009 Port Stephens, NSW We saw him at about 3:30pm of the coast of Boat Harbour (Port Stephens, NSW).It was definitely him, very exciting! Ainslie Downes
Andy Marshal
28/06/2009 Port Macquarie, NSW Andy sighted Migaloo of the coast of Port Macquarie at 2.00pm slowly heading north Andy Marshal works with the NSW National Parks & Wildlife and is a dedicated and knowledgeable whale researcher.
Peter Doherty
30/06/2009 Evans Head & Ballina, NSW Peter Doherty and the Seven News Helicopter sighted Migaloo of the coast off Evans Head at 12.45 pm then of Ballina late in the afternoon heading north at approx 10 knots Migaloo Research would like to say thank you to Peter and his team at Channel Seven Brisbane for this update and the footage he has posted on Migaloo's Facebook site.
Tony & Carol Hunt
01/07/09 Tweed Heads NSW Tony & Carol from Aquatic Blue Charters sighted Migaloo cruising with a large pod at 9.45am 10 nautical miles east of Burleigh Heads heading Nth @ 6 knots. Tony & Carol Hunt operate Aquatic Blue Charters from Tweed Heads. (Check out Aquatic Blue Charters Website.).
Oskar & Samara Peterson (The White Whale Research Centre)
01/07/2009 Surfers Paradise,Gold Coast, Queensland Wow "SENSATIONAL" is the first word that comes to mind. I have finally seen Migaloo live before my eyes. I have been working on this website for over ten years and had never seen Migaloo in person. But today I took my daughter Samara on a Whale Watching tour out of Surfers Paradise and amazingly I received a call from Tony Hunt saying Migaloo was nearby and heading my way.The captain is informed and as we look south on the horizon we see four other charter vessels and two helicopters following a large pod of humpbacks. The exciting news is shared with fellow passengers & crew. Then as Migaloo appears glowing like a white neon light cruising in the deep aqua blue ocean, he swims along side our vessel 10 nautical miles out from Surfers Paradise.With very big smiles we continued to follow Migaloo for the next 4 hours heading north at 6 knots. At one stage Migaloo was surrounded by up to 4-5 pods of 3-4 whales each pod all within 600 metres of Migaloo. He is a mega star even within his own Humpback community. On behalf of The White Whale Research Centre I would like to say thank you to several people, one being Tony & Carol from Aquatic Blue charters (Tweed Heads) who rang me with Migaloo's location and Bruce Nicholls & his crew on board Whale Watching Gold Coast (Tall Ships Sailing Cruises) Who invited us on board to experience his hospitality and his unique Whale Watching Tour. Please check out the details on both of these Whale Watching Tour operators by clicking on Migaloo Pod Partners on this website.I have been out on both and fully recommend each of them.(Check out Tall Ships Whale Watching Website.)
Capt Luke Price from the charter fishing vessel The James Cook
15/07/09 Of the township of 1770 Central Queensland Coast Confirmed sighting from the charter fishing vessel "James Cook" around the south side of the lagoon at fitzroy reef he was travelling with two other whales.He was seen by 5 passengers and two crew. Migaloo was tail slapping aprox 300 metres from the boat. Thank you to Capt Luke Price from the charter fishing vessel "James Cook"which operates out of the township 1770.
Ron, Trish, Jesse & Taiya Steineck from the Sailing Cat Scuttlebug
13/08/09 Snapper Island, North Queensland At approximately 9.00 am Migaloo was sighted approximately 2nm NE of Snapper Island, North Queensland heading in a southerly direction. Thank you Ron, Trish, Jesse & Taiya Steineck from the Sailing Cat Scuttlebug.
Cairns Whale watching vessels.
14/08/09 Green Island, North Queensland Many lucky passengers onboard several whale watching vessels based out of Cairns & Port Douglas sighted Migaloo near Green Island, North Queensland heading south. Thank you Roger from the Cairns Post. And Paula from Big Cat Cruises based in Cairns.(Check out Big Cat Cruises Website.)
Suzanne and Greg Watts.
17/08/09 Cape Cleveland, North Queensland Suzanne and Greg were out fishing on Tuesday morning when they sighted Migaloo. He was off Cape Cleveland, just south off Townsville, about 20ks off the coast. He had company, there were three other whales with him. Thank you Suzanne and Greg Watts from Townsville.
Capt John Dyson of Fantasea Adventure Cruising vessel "Wonder"
25/08/09 Hardy Reef, Whitsundays, North Queensland. Capt John Dyson sighted Migaloo on the way home to Shute Harbour from Hardy Reef and spent around half an hour observing him with all the lucky guests on board Fantasea Adventure Cruising vessel "Wonder" This is the first sighting of Migaloo in the Whitsunday waters this season. Thank you Capt John Dyson & Donna Parkin who is the Public Relations Manager of Fantasea Adventure Cruising which departs from Shute Harbour, Airlie Beach.(Check out Fantasea Adventure Cruising Website.)
Pilot John Peaker from Lady Elliot Island Resort (SEAIR)
22/09/09 Lady Elliot Island, Queensland. Pilot John Peaker sighted Migaloo on his return trip from Lady Elliot Island Resort.Pilot John said he noticed a large white shape under the water and initially thought it was a humpback upside down underwater , then it surfaced and blew. John circled and saw a few more blows while he was swimming on the surface, before losing sight when he submerged. He appeared to be travelling alone. His position at 4:10 pm was on the Burnett Heads to Lady Elliot Island Track - 23 nautical miles from Burnett Heads - He was swimming on a heading of aprox 120 degrees magnetic. Thank you Pilot John Peaker from Seair Pacific who fly several times a day to Lady Elliot Island Resort from Maroochydore Airport on the Sunshine Coast or the Gold Coast or Brisbane airports. (Check out Seair Whale Watching Website.)
Diane Martin.
28/09/09 Brunswick Heads Northern NSW (Just north from Byron Bay). We were out whale watching today off Brunswick Heads and found Migaloo about 12.40PM. He was swimming with 3 other whales headed south towards Byron Bay. Thank you Diane Martin.
Whale Watching Byron Bay.
28/09/09 Byron Bay. At approximately 2.30 pm on Monday 28th September Migaloo the white whale made a quick visit to Byron Bay. Migaloo was spotted at the end of the last tour of the day in a pod of up to 6 other humpback whales just north of the bay within 1000 meters of the beach. The competitive behavior of Migaloo and the other whales suggests these were all males with one thing on their mind, nearby females. Confirmed on board by whale researcher Peta Beeman Southern Cross University Whale Research Centre This is the 3rd time Whale Watching Byron Bay has been lucky enough to encountered Migaloo on his annual migration along Australia's east coast. Thank you Rob and the team from Whale Watching Byron Bay and Peta from Southern Cross University Whale Research Centre.
18/06/2010 Boat Harbour (Just south of Nelson Bay NSW) Janet has confirmed a sighting of Migaloo amongst one of several pods of whales traveling north today. Migaloo's pod travelled past the headland at approx 12.10 pm and seemed to remain in the area for a period of time. There was some commotion while they were in the area and towards the end of their stay Janet believe she saw a small whale and a small fin. Maybe a birth? Thank you Janet Heydon.
Safia Maher
27/06/2010 Unconfirmed sighting of Cape Byron Lighthouse Safia reports she was whale watching from the Cape Byron Lighthouse today and at around 2.30pm she spotted a white humpback whale within a small group of 4-5 whales. The white silhouette under the surface was clearly defined. Safia said at first glimpse she thought it was a whale exposing its underbelly, but the white colour defined the full shape of the tail flukes and it was continually moving along under the surface. Other people watching were also exclaiming that one of the whales was "albino". Thank you Safia Maher (Byron Bay resident and marine wildlife enthusiast)
Captain Colin Scott
27/06/2010 Confirmed sighting of Migaloo from the most northern point of Fraser Island Breaksea Spit At 1.30pm Captain Colin Scott reports a White Whale was cruising alone away from other whales in the area. He was quite shy and surfaced a few times and Captain Colin Scott said his crew took a couple of photos and has since sent them to The White Whale Research Centre and we can confirm this sighting was Migaloo. Migaloo apppeared to be cruising on a heading around 275 deg. the lat and long of the sighting are as follows 24 deg 18.72 s, 153 deg 08.10 e Thank you Captain Colin Scott from MV Phoenix 1
The White Whale Research Centre
27/06/2010 The White Whale Research Centre had received two sightings (one confirmed by photos) of a white whale from different locations with the distinct possibility we might have two white whales cruising up the east coast of Australia. In July 2008 we had reports of a white whale with black spots on its head and tail.This one, named Bahloo after an Aboriginal moon spirit, was first seen swimming off the Gold Coast. Little is known about Bahloo. However with the sighting of Fraser Island on Sunday 27th it has been confirmed it was Migaloo which therefore means the unconfirmed sighting of Cape Byron on the same day could be Bahloo. Please Note: Migaloo is such a unique whale he has special Queensland & Commonwealth Government legislation that is enacted each year to protect him from harassment. The White Whale Research Centre
Maxine Bruest.
21/07/2010 At 10.35am co-ordinates 16 degrees 16.57' S and 145 degrees 33.26' E. North North East of Snapper Island, Daintree. Maxine was out visiting the reef of Port Douglas Nth QLD and sighted Migaloo and watched with delight Migaloo cruising along for 15 minutes Migaloo was swimming alone and later joined by dolphins. No other whales in sight. Last seen heading south east toward Low Isles. He was very active, cruising on the surface, Fin slapping, Tail waves, and breaches Thank you Maxine
Captain David Baume is the first to photograph BAHLOO the latest White Whale
21/07/2010 5 miles NE of Low Is which is 30 miles north of Cairns David Baume is the captain of the 80 metre Cargo vessel Trinity Bay. At 1130hrs(local) on the 21/07/10 he altered course to avoid having a very close encounter with a white whale which surfaced 100 metres in front of him, 5 miles NE of Low Is which is 30 miles north of Cairns as he was steaming south at 13 knots. He stopped the vessel and observed the white whale for 15 min before continuing south to Cairns. The Humpback was about 8 metres long, of pure white colour from nose tip to tail on it's upper half. As the whale dived he got a very good look at the underside of it's tail and shape. The tail was unmarked and had a clean edge all round. The underside of the tail had black pigment in spots fading from very dark at the edges of the upper flukes for about 30cm to even spotting halfway through it's tail to pure white with no spotting at the tail base. After looking at Migaloo tail shots he believe this whale to be Bahloo or another white Humpback. The whale was travelling alone and in a southerly direction when observed. There was another group of 3 or 4 Humpbacks approximately 3 miles to the NE of this sighting. This whale looked to be in good health. It did not do any of the usual humpback frolicking and was only travelling at about 4 knots at the time of observation. Captain David Baume said he has worked with Humpbacks in the Carribean, SE Alaska and the East coast of Australia and can vouch for these obsevations as being acurate. . A very big thank you to Capt David Baume for this report of the other white whale called BAHLOO and providing the photographic evidence.
Daniel Bateman
22/07/2010 Low Isles (Port Douglas) The 8m calf was spotted by passengers and crew onboard the MV Trinity Bay off Low Isles yesterday about 11.30am. Thank you Daniel Bateman Journalist Cairns Post
Shirley Stanford.
14/08/2010 North of Green Island (Cairns) Shirley was out visiting the reef onboard a whale watching tour and saw him yesterday from Reef Magic's vessel. They watched him for 2 hours, a couple of miles north of Green Island. Shirley said she feet very privileged. Thank you Shirley
Inge Baumann-May & Neil May.
14/08/2010 North of Green Island (Cairns) Inge & Neil saw Migaloo also off Green Island while on a Whale Watching Tour with Reef Magic. They travelled with Migaloo for about 2 hours, he surfaced every 6-8 minutes and gave photo opportunities 4-5 times when ever he came up. VERY EXCITING.. Thank you Inge & Neil from Alice Springs
Ronny from ORRCA.
21/09/2010 Approx 27N miles Nth east of Sydney Ronny from (ORRCA) has received a an unconfirmed sighting of a all white whale on Tuesday 21st, off a reef structure called Browns Mountain, which is approx 27Nmiles Nth east of Sydney. the sighting was about 12.30pm. Thank you Ronny
Jayne Rothwell along with mates Sonya and Anna
24/09/2010 Evans Head Jayne, Sonya & Anna sighted a white whale off the Evans Head headland at 1.30pm on Saturday 24th September. It was swimming with 4 other large whales very close to the headland. Jayne and her friends saw it's white pectoral fin again later further out to sea. Thank you Jayne Rothwell from Alstonville.
Capt Colin Scott
19/06/2011 Northern Point Fraser Island Queensland The White Whale Research Centre received a call today at 12.25 pm from Capt Colin Scott on board MV Phoenix1 who had just spent 20 minutes watching Migaloo frolick in the waters just of the northern point of Fraser Island Queensland. He said he had video and photos that we will post on line soon. Thank you Capt Colin Scott.
Mr Connor
07/07/2011 Cape Upstart Nth Queensland (Cape Upstart MAP)) which is just Nth of the magnificent Whitsunday Islands. The White Whale Research Centre received a call from Mr Connor who was on-board a vessel east of Cape Upstart and said he had sighted Migaloo heading north with a huge Pod of Humpback Whales. Mr Connor said it was Amazing to have witnessed a mega pod of Humpback Whales playing in the electric aqua blue waters of the Coral Sea and then like a glowing fluorescent white light Migaloo appears. He said It was a moment he will never forget. Thank you Mr Connor from North Bowen.
Martin Gilbert
12/07/2011 Hinchinbrook Island Nth Queensland (Hinchinbrook Island Info)) The White Whale Research Centre received a call from Martin Gilbert who was on-board a private fishing vessel 20 N miles East from Zoe Bay Hinchinbrook Island and said he had sighted Migaloo cruising Solo and watched him play in the area for over 3 hours. Thank you Martin Gilbert. Remember you can get the latest updates on Migaloo via Twitter @migaloo1 (See Above)
Robert Johnstone Master of the SeaSwift tug 'Arjuna II
26/07/2011 Location of sighting: 14deg 59'S/145deg 21.2'E or 3' SSE of southern tip of Cape Flattery approximately 220km north of Cairns. Migaloo was heading NNW at time of sighting The White Whale Research Centre has received a email with several photos of Migaloo and can confirm it was Migaloo. Thank you Capt Robert Johnstone and the crew onboard the SeaSwift tug 'Arjuna II.
Master Chris of the SeaSwift cargo vessel MV Newcastle Bay
10/08/2011 Location of sighting: 6 miles north of Pipon Island Far Nth Queensland swimming in a North Westerly Direction. The White Whale Research Centre has received a email from Chris who sighted a all white humpback whale north of Pipon Island which is NE of Cape Melville. He said the whale was completely all white on top and under the tail and is positive it was Migaloo. Thank you Master Chris and the crew on board the SeaSwift cargo vessel MV Newcastle Bay.
The White Whale Research Centre
16/10/2011 Sightings log Under Re-Construction The White Whale Research Centre has received many emails of confirmed sighting of either Migaloo or Migaloo Jrn since the start of September 2011. A very big thank you to those lucky enough to see either white whale who sent us the details of your sighting. This website is about to be redesigned and to those a who did email details of your sightings they will be posted on this log so every one can enjoy reading of your sighting. Thank you again and Remember you can get Exclusive LIVE updates on Migaloo & Migaloo Jrn via Twitter @migaloo1 and also all of this years photo collections of both Migaloo & Migaloo Jrn have been uploaded to the Twitter account. @migaloo1

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