The White Whale Research Centre

Welcome to the official website of 'Migaloo', the most well known humpback whale on Australia's east coast. This website was setup as a crucial communication between universities, researchers, the media and the general public. It maintains a log of all white humpback whale sightings in Australia and is used as a central source for anyone wanting to learn more about Migaloo.

Find out how Migaloo is impacting whale research, and about the east coast population of humpback whales in Australia.

Learn more about Migaloo's presence in Australian and New Zealand waters via a collection of scientific/citizen science contributions from over 30 years of observations.

Stay up to date on the latest white whale sightings, and explore Migaloo's previous migration paths through the years.

Help researchers to track Migaloo's migration and identify other white humpback whales by reporting any white whale sightings.

Learn more about some amazing research and conservation projects working to protect marine life.

Find out about the amazing individuals working behind the scenes at the White Whale Research Centre.