2013 Sightings

13 June 2013

Two sightings were reported.

One was sighted 1.5 klm of the Coast from Stanwell Tops Woolongong in pod a of 4, thanks to Mr Ice Popvski


A White Whale was sighted of Yamba at 10.30am by Michael Wright. He sighted a White Whale heading slowly north within a group of 6 other humpback whales.

12 July 2013

“Wow! We saw Migaloo from Point Lookout, Stradbroke Island at about 4pm on 12th July. He was about 400m off the point.” Thanks for letting us know Sean.

3 August 2013

Ray Dickson and Shane Stone got a quick photograph of an all white whale back off Cardwell on Saturday. They were off Otter Reef, about 30 nautical miles offshore when they spotted an all white humpback whale at 5.30pm. The timing fits very neatly for it to be Migaloo with the last sighting off Stradbroke Island (see above) three weeks ago. There is also a possibility the sighting may have been of the younger white whales, known as Migaloo Jr or Bahloo.

7 August 2013

Migaloo spotted of Cairns by Passions of Paradise and Downunder Dive.

17 August 2013

All white whale spotted off North Barnard Islands near Cowley Beach in the Innisfail region. Etty Bay’s Jenny Dean spotted the white whale and took some amazing photographs. Including the one attached.

“We stopped the boat and he was playing around about 200m away and came closer and closer, eventually about 50m away, then dived and headed for the boat,” she said.

“A few anxious moments wondering what would happen next but he surfaced about 50m on the other side of the boat and went about his business.”